Redefine Bathtime

Our fun, easy-to-use, at-home kit makes soap bars using your own breast milk.

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Simple + Fun

Bubz takes just 4 oz of breast milk and 30 min to make. Everything you need (except the milk) delivered right to your door.

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You loved our Breast Milk Soap Kit, refill on the components to make more.

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Take Control

We strive to empower moms by helping them to take control of what products they choose for their families.

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We believe in doing what feels natural.

New moms have enough things to worry about — caring for your baby’s skin doesn't have to be one of them.

Bubz provides a fun, easy-to-use kit for nursing mothers to make products that utilize their breast milk; providing their babies with natural, nurturing soap as well as a beneficial use for excess milk.


"Naptime today meant BREAST MILK soap making for me!!!"

"I've tried making my own in the past but couldn't get the ratios correct or it ended up being weirdly chunky or melty. Bubz Baby Co makes a delightfully colorful breast milk soap kit with easy step-by-step instructions, so give it a try! SO FUN!"

@ Pump_Momma_Pump