Affiliate Program

Interested in becoming an affiliate and helping spread the word about Bubz and its amazing community? Sign up and help your friends while you help your wallet. 


Who is a Bubz affiliate

Our affiliates are passionate about all things motherhood, the community, and of course Bubz. They understand that followers want to see moms they trust, talk about brands they know. They know Bubz has something unique to share, and they want to let their friends and family know about it.

What would you get?

  • Receive a percentage of your sales using your link
  • Feature and highlights for our top affiliates!
  • Access to awesome swag
  • Receive samples and exclusive early access to new products
  • Plus other great perks

How does it work?

Each affiliate has their own unique code/link. Share it with your community & earn money for every purchase. The money will automatically be paid to your account within 2-3 business days. Through your affiliate portal you can log in and see how many purchases have been made using your link and how much money you've made to date!