Bubz Breast Milk Soap

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The Kit
Soap Use

How old does my baby need to be to use Bubz soap?

There are a multitude of opinions about bathing your baby, but the best advice is less is more. As infant’s skin is very sensitive, it is best to avoid overuse of any product on babies under 3 months. If you are concerned about the colorant or essential oil, create 2-3 bars without any essential oil or mica colorant to use in the beginning and introduce the bars with additives. 

How long can I store the bars after I have made them?

In the 1:4 ratio we recommend for the kit, your soap can be stored safely in the freezer for years. Once the soap has been used to wash, you can store it outside of the freezer in a cool place with ample drainage for 1-2 months

How many bars does the kit make?

The kit uses 4 oz of milk and 16 oz of soap base to make 8, 2.5oz bars.

Does Bubz test on animals?

Our products are NEVER tested on animals and contain no animal by-products. We are a cruelty free company.

Will Bubz soap make my baby cry if it gets in their eyes?

YES, this is real soap with real soap ingredients. The salts in the soap will sting if they are exposed to the eyes. If you are washing your baby, we recommend using a washcloth with small amount of soap to be in better control of where the suds go.

Will Bubz soap make my baby’s skin dry out?

The soap will not dry your baby’s skin, after you add your milk there are multiple ingredients (shea butter, breast milk, oat protein, etc.) that help keep your baby’s skin smooth and healthy.

Can I use the breast milk soap on my own hands/body?

Please do! the health benefits of breast milk can apply to your skin as well. You will notice how soft and moisturizing your own homemade breast milk soap can be once you use it on your own hands, face or body.

I am not comfortable using essential oils on my baby, can I skip that step?

Absolutely. We use all natural essential oils at very minimal levels to give our product a comforting smell for you and your baby. This step is easily omitted if you decide you do not want to add the essential oil(s) we have included in your kit. Not all essential oils are safe for use with babies so please just with a doctor or verified list before substituting

Is the mica powder the same as dye, can I skip this?

Mica powder is a natural dye used in many cosmetics. However, this is YOUR soap, you can skip any step you like. We provide our kit and instructions to make soap that is safe and fun for you and your baby, but if there is any step that includes an addition that you are feeling uncomfortable about, go ahead and skip it.

I don’t want to spray my breast milk soap with rubbing alcohol, can I skip this step?

The 99% rubbing alcohol is meant to break the surface tension of the bubbles and then evaporate before your soap sets and hardens. But remember this is YOUR soap, you can skip any step you like.

Why is Lye labeled on the ingredient list?

Lye or sodium hydroxide was used in the process of making the soap base (soap drops). 100% of the Lye is neutralized and inactive. See the explanation in the ingredient list for a full breakdown!

Are Bubz products gluten free?


Is Bubz nut free?

None of our products contain peanuts or peanut oil. Some of our products do contain tree nut oils: coconut oil and shea butter; which have not shown much if any allergic reactivity, even in individuals with known tree nut allergies. For severe allergies, please consult with your doctor as we cannot guarantee our products are 100% nut free nor created in a certified nut-free facility.

What are the ingredients in the soap base?

See the explanation in the ingredient list for a full breakdown!